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Hello, stargazer! I'm Tom. I created Star Signs to inspire people all over the world to connect with the night sky above them. It's my passion and I aspire to do it indefinitely. Many podcasts seek commercial sponsors to cover their costs, but I believe Star Signs should belong to stargazers, not advertisers.

With Star Signs PRO you can support the podcast directly, keeping it on the air, ad-free for everyone. Your contributions will cover the cost of recording, publishing and hosting Star Signs each week. You'll also be funding its future, as I seek to grow its audience through marketing and improve the content of the show.

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Low income should never be a barrier to education.

I recognise that not everyone has the financial flexibility to provide monetary support, and I don't want budget concerns to prevent wider access these articles. Therefore, if you would like free membership to Star Signs PRO, click here and send me a request. All requests are approved - you will be granted access to all articles, no questions asked!

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